Edge information computing platform


The objective of the CLOUDLESS project is to develop an edge computing platform for the creation and deployment of open Data Spaces (International Data Spaces). The platform will follow a decentralized distributed architecture that offers event-based open discovery and interconnection services (data brokers) to different data consumers (data consumers) and data providers (data providers). The architecture will also offer secure Cloud/Edge infrastructures that allow efficient data analysis (data connectors) based on variables such as locality, economic cost, privacy or latency. The platform will be validated in different open data spaces such as citizen science, tourism or omics data (genomics and metabolomics).


Optimizing the continuum

Development of edge computing middleware that transparently optimizes across the continuum (Cloud/Edge)


Open Data Spaces

Development of an edge computing platform for the management of open Data Spaces


Heterogeneous Cloud/Edge platforms

Validation and dissemination of results on heterogeneous Cloud/Edge platforms including public Clouds, private clusters, IoT devices, and end-user devices (browsers, mobiles)



Project title CLOUDLESS: Edge information computing platform
Coordinator Dr. Pedro García López (URV)
Partners Universitat Rovira i Virgili
Telefónica Research
Alterna Tecnologías
Universidad de Zaragoza
Duration 01/01/2023 - 30/06/2025
Overall budget 2.351.607,14 €
Funding Programa UNICO I+D Cloud, en el marco del Plan de Recuperación, Transformación y Resiliencia -Financiado por la Unión Europea- Next Generation EU