The URV and T-Systems create a chair on cloud-native applications

12 January 2024

Research, dissemination and, above all, training will be promoted, providing professionals and students with the tools to understand and apply cloud computing. Read the URV’s news for more information (in Spanish).

Artificial intelligence to save lives

01 April 2023

Read the interview (in Catalan).

The URV obtains two million euros to promote four international projects on cloud computing and artificial intelligence

25 January 2023

Three are led by the CloudLab research group, coordinated by the researcher from the Department of Computer Engineering and Mathematics, Pedro García. Read the URV’s news for more information.

With IBM the URV has developed a tool for analysing mass data in the cloud

05 July 2022

Teams of English and German scientists are using this open-code tool, the result of the European Cloudbutton project. Read the URV’s news for more information.