Research group focuses on the modeling, design, implementation and analysis of parallel and distributed systems and algorithms (Cloud, Edge)

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The Cloud and Distributed Systems Lab (CLOUDLAB) brings together a multi-disciplinary team that addresses key lines of research in distributed systems. It has experience in scalable systems (cloud computing, serverless architectures, distributed storage, peer-to-peer), distributed artificial intelligence, big data analysis in the cloud (Genomics and Metabolomics), citizen science and web/mobile infrastructures

The research group focuses on the modeling, design, implementation and analysis of parallel and distributed systems and algorithms (Cloud, Edge). Its research includes the construction of system prototypes to demonstrate the quality of the proposed solutions and the development of different software



With extensive experience in European and national research projects on Cloud Computing and Big Data, we have more than 15 projects granted over the years. Currently we participate in 4 European projects: CLOUDSTARS, NEARTADA and CloudSkin, as coordinator and EXTRACT, as partner. We have also received Next Generation funds for the CLOUDLESS project where we want to develop a data space platform.

The group maintains contacts with several foreign universities and companies (France, Germany, United Kingdom and the United States) that allow it to stay abroad or receive students and researchers at the center. Some of the results and developed prototypes have been published in various state and international congresses, scientific journals and books.

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Our Research lines

Large scale distributed systems

Parallel and distributed programming

Design of distributed architectures in mobile environments

Design and optimization of high performance architectures

Distributed artificial intelligence

Cloud computing and storage

Mass data management

Research in Cloud/Edge computing systems

Meet our team

The research group is made up of a diverse group of professionals, we are passionate about harnessing the power of the cloud to realize innovative revolutions. With extensive experience in cloud architecture, implementation, and management, our team is committed to creating scalable solutions that drive efficiency and improve flexibility and security.

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